SALTs Gourmet, Sampler Pack, 4 x 150g, Murray River, Himalayan Pink, Alderwood & Black Lava


Nuts About

Pinch of Salt - Nuts About

Gourmet Salt Sampler Pack.

150 g Hiwa Kai - Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, small grain. (USA)

150g Murray River Salt Flakes. (Australia)

150g Alderwood Smoked Salt, small grain. (USA)

150g Himalayan Pink Salt, Small Grain. (Pakistan / USA)

Now you can Have a range of the Gourmet Salts we use on our Slated Nuts Products.

You get 1 packet of each Salt in a 150g re-Sealable Foil Lined Pouch, to ensure freshness and maintain there taste.



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