Salt - HIWA KAI Hawaiian Black Lava Salt: Small Grain, 150 grams


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Hiwa Kai - Hawaiian Black Lava Salt 

A unique Hawaiian-inspired sea salt, Hiwa Kai has a stunning black colour and silky texture. This all-natural salt offers the same bold flavour and texture as a traditional sea salt, but with an added beauty and intrigue that's indicative of gourmet foods. Using a pure, Optically Clean® Pacific sea salt base, Hiwa Kai is created by combining high-quality sea salt with activated charcoal from the shells of coconuts, resulting in this unusual seasoning with its rich, dark colour & hard, granular texture. Produced using cutting-edge all-natural technologies exclusive to SaltWorks®, wholesale Hiwa Kai is popular for food service use as a stunning garnish to dishes, as well as for manufacturers looking for an attractive, bulk topical salt.

Small Grain: The crunchy crystals of Small grain Hiwa Kai are ideal for topical applications on confections and packaged foods. This grain size is ideal for spice blends and rubs, adding texture and attractive colour to the mix. Food service customers appreciate this size for its attractive look & delicious flavour as a drink Rimmer or crunchy garnish on robust salads and seafood.

  • All Natural Product
  • Kosher Certified
  • Certified Authentic
  • Optically Clean®
  • Organic Compliant
  • Made in USA



Colour: Black

Container Type: Bag

Container Materials: Paper / Foil / Laminated Plastic

Country Of Origin: USA

Geographical Region: North America

Grain Size: Small

Ingredients: Sea Salt

Manufacturer: SaltWorks 

Shelf Life: 10 years minimum

Technical Size: 1.0 - 2.0 mm

Flavour: Smoky



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