About us

Who are we? To cut a long story short, Nuts About is an
100% Australian owned company based in Burleigh Heads on the beautiful Gold Coast.

We are a team of  "nutter's" that became tired of the poor quality
of nuts available in Aussie pubs & bars, so we decided to
do something about it! As luck would have it, two of the team
happened to be talented chefs & the rest is history.
But what makes us unique? We use the best Australian Organic ingredients where possible. We use the freshest Macadamias from NSW or Queensland, our peanuts come direct from Kingaroy and our Cashew Nuts are 100% certified Organic.
Small batching ensures optimum freshness,
we use only the BEST nuts available & after lots of cooking, testing,
tasting we think our nuts simply taste better than 'other' nuts.
So Try some and find out for yourself.